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About Our Artists

We have a talented crew of artists that can design in a wide range of tattoo styles. We pride ourselves on our work and our obsession with perfection. To learn more about each of our artists, check out their individual profiles below. All profiles have links to their social media as well as an extensive gallery showcasing the outstanding work they do.

Tyler Bonawitz

Manager, Piercing Artist

Tyler, also the manager of Glenwood Rock N Roll, has been involved in the piercing scene for the last four years...

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Amanda Hughes

Tattoo and Piercing Artist

Amanda has been doing tattoos in the Raleigh area for over five years. Her preferred tattoo art styles are new school...

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Kensley Ryan

Tattoo and Piercing Artist

Kensley is a Tattoo artist hailing from Durham NC, starting from a young age Kensley knew she wanted to become an artist...

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Shaun Knight

Tattoo Artist

Shaun Knight is an up and coming tattoo artist, and has been tattooing for a year now. Born and raised in Raleigh, he has practiced multiple forms of art...

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Courtney DiMaria

Apprentice Tattoo Artist

Courtney is a tattoo artist apprenticing under Amanda Hughs. Hailing from Rhode island and currently living in Raleigh NC...

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Sheawn Ball

Piercing Artist

Sheawn is currently the piercing apprentice at rock n roll tattoo. having a love of piercings and body modifications from a young age...

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Tory Zeek

Tattoo Artist

Tory has a passion for tattooing full-color anime and manga panels. He also enjoys working with video game characters and cartoons and comics...

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